Discover this most eastern region of the Province of Quebec with its unparalleled landscapes from Rimouski to Blanc-Sablon, passing by the legendary Anticosti Island, aboard the cargo-passenger ship Bella Desgagnés (Relais Nordik) comfortably furnished to welcome you during this 8 days and 7 nights expedition.

Set off on an adventure to these 11 towns and coastal villages often inaccessible by land, and learn about their out-of-the-ordinary activities, once you touch land. Keep your eyes wide open and your camera ready as the fauna and flora will absolutely amaze you: icebergs in the cold season, whales, dolphins and birds of all species during our stopovers in the warm season.

Experience an exceptional encounter with nature and bring back a lifetime of memories.




Departures and stopovers are subject to change and may vary in duration depending on weather conditions.


MONDAY : Departure from Rimouski in the evening

TUESDAY : Sept-îles – Port-Menier (Île d’Anticosti)

WEDNESDAY : Havre Saint-Pierre – Natashquan – Kegaska – La Romaine 

THURSDAY : Harrington Harbour – Tête-à-la-baleine – La Tabatière – Saint-Augustin

 FRIDAY : Arrival in Blanc-Sablon


FRIDAY : Departure from Blanc-Sablon – Saint-Augustin

SATURDAY : La Tabatière – Tête-à-la-baleine – Harrington Harbour – La Romaine – Kegaska

SUNDAY : Havre Saint-Pierre – Port-menier

MONDAY : Sept-Îles – Arrival in Rimouski in the middle of the day



16 to 64 years 

65 years and older

PRICE (per person + taxes)

Starting at $2 136*

Starting at $1 842*

*Price per person in double – includes sea passage, cabin nights and all meals (except on the first day, people need to eat before the departure).

* Contribution to the Compensation Fund and taxes not included. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, this itinerary may change without notice. If the speed limit is in effect, some stops may be changed or cancelled without notice. No expeditions are included with the cruise.




City of tourism and conferences, the city of Rimouski is both the regional capital of Bas-Saint-Laurent and the only maritime technology park in Quebec. Indeed, it hosts, among others, the Institut maritime du Québec and the Observatoire global du Saint-Laurent, both of which have strong teaching and research potential that promotes the development of high-tech industries. In addition to attracting many marine biology researchers, Rimouski has attractive and diversified tourist attractions. We need only think of the historic maritime site of Pointe-au-Père where it is possible to visit a submarine and immerse yourself in the history of the infamous sinking of the Empress of Ireland, the magnificent Reford Garden or the historic site of Maison Lamontagne. For the more adventurous, the canyon of the gates of Hell and the Bic national park will inevitably satisfy their thirst for thrills. Allowing yourself an extra day before the cruise to discover the surroundings is definitely a great initiative!


As its name suggests, this city surrounded by an archipelago of seven islands is one of the first villages on the crossing connecting with the fauna specific to the Lower North Shore: whales, dolphins, terns, various molluscs and small penguins will be in the spotlight. It has its own tourist attractions to discover: stroll on the promenade of the Old Quay, visit the Shaputuan Museum and Innu culture, discover the Old Post Office and more. You are now ready to explore the famous Anticosti Island!


Anticosti Island is finally within reach! The largest island in Quebec, the port village of Port-Menier was created in 1895 by the French chocolatier Henri Menier, who could not resist the beauty of this gem in its raw state. The setting of the famous film La Grande Séduction, you can find familiar landscapes there, with its luxuriant nature and its houses typical of the coastal towns of this region. Anticosti Island is in the running to become an island protected by UNESCO World Heritage.


Havre-Saint-Pierre is the gateway to the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, one of Canada’s four national parks located in Quebec. There are exceptional geological structures (monoliths) surrounded by waters rich in birds and marine life as well as boreal-type vegetation. A must in the region. However, if you are more interested in history, the permanent exhibition at the Maison de la culture Roland Jomphe will tell you everything about the history of Havre-Saint-Pierre, from its founding in 1857 until now.


Recognized for its beaches and its hikes on paths made of shells reduced to dust, the village of Kegaska has been the new “village at the end of the world” since 2013. This small fishing village is home to some interesting heritage sites to discover, such as the wreck of the Brion, the Anglican church of St-Philip, the Foreman wood mill and the fish factory. If you have time, taste the lobster, crab or scallop freshly caught by the local population and also showcased aboard the Bella Desgagnés.


More than 1,100 workers are busy building one of the largest hydroelectric dams in Quebec. But La Romaine is more than hydroelectric potential, it is also the largest Innu reserve on the North Shore. Only accessible by boat, notably by the Bella Desgagnés, La Romaine includes an area protected by Parks Canada, the Île-à-la-Brume Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which can be visited by boat.


Harrington Harbor was used as a filming location for the famous feature film La Grande Séduction for its air of a small Newfoundland fishing port. In the summer season, the activity is at the rendezvous: craftsmen and fishermen showcase their products with enthusiasm. A monument in honor of Jacques-Cartier was erected in the city to mark the history of this region. The Rowsell House Interpretive Center and Marguerite Grotto are some of the typical activities to undertake in Harrington Harbour.


This small village of around a hundred inhabitants takes its name from one of the islands of the “Tous-îles” archipelago, one of which strangely resembles a whale’s head. Hunting, fishing and gathering still punctuate the life of a good part of the population. It will be possible for cruise passengers to enjoy a guided tour of the village and of Providence Island, a short hiking trail containing a picnic area, as well as to visit the interpretation centre of the island.


Typical small fishing village of the St. Lawrence, La Tabatière is known for its houses on the side of the rock, its walk on the Priest’s Hill trail and its Migratory Bird Sanctuary. It is also possible to bask in Parc Point aux Neiges and on the shores of this archipelago teeming with life before continuing the cruise.


One of the largest villages on the Lower North Shore, Saint-Augustin is known for its superb sandy shores, its picturesque character, its gullies and its Pointe-à-la-Truite trail. The latter is conducive to the observation of a wide variety of seabirds, sea wolves and even whales!


Blanc-Sablon is the easternmost town in Quebec, which makes it the gateway to many international cruises. It is also one of the richest sites in archaeological discoveries. Indeed, this small town reveals a human presence for 9,000 years. Here begins the return of the Bella Desgagnés to Rimouski, rediscovering the stops specific to this Nordic cruise!



The N/M Bella Desgagnés

The M/V Bella Desgagnés was specially designed and fitted out to serve Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore, from Rimouski to Blanc-Sablon. Its primary mission is the transport of goods and merchandise for the needs of the communities served. However, the ship also offers a unique 8 days and 7 nights cruise.

The M/V Bella Desgagnés is a 6,655 ton passenger cargo ship. For your comfort and safety, the vessel benefits from stabilizers and structural elements, reducing noise and vibrations.


MARCH 4, 2022


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